Frank's Plan

  • Bring a higher level of integrity and proven leadership 
  • Cut wasteful spending and demand accountability of your tax dollars 
  • Refine operations to provide top-notch customer service to the general public, attorneys and other legal professionals, and financial institutions   
  • Implement 21st  century technology and solutions in all areas of work to increase public access and efficiency 
  • Ensure secure, transparent, and efficient countywide elections  
  • Implement a comprehensive process to oversee the guardianship and conservatorship process – providing mandatory training to those serving as a guardian and/or conservator and ensuring that the well-being and financial assets of those served are protected
  • Develop a model court for involuntary mental health commitments through development of community partnerships and leverage of untapped resources 
  • Serve as a full-time elected official - maintaining standard office hours and having an open door policy for everyone