Why Frank?

Alabama Speaker Mac McCutcheon

“I am proud to support Frank Barger for Madison County Probate Judge in the June 5th  Republican Primary.  I know firsthand the quality of his character and  record of exemplary work in the Probate Office.  I believe he is the  best person for the job and most equipped to serve on day one.  Seeing  the way he operates in both his personal and professional life, I know  his peerless work ethic and dedication to public service will be an  asset to all of Madison County.” - Mac McCutcheon, Speaker of the  Alabama House of Representatives 

Huntsville REALTORS

"Frank has a deep understanding  of the duties of the probate judge and the role of the probate in REALTOR activities. We are proud to provide our support. Frank’s  commitment to private property rights and in-depth knowledge of Probate  Court operation are key factors extremely important to  our work and the growth of homeownership in Madison County.” - Valerie Miles, President of Huntsville Area Association of Realtors  

Milburn Gross

“Frank has a unique skill set that no other person in this race possesses. His in-depth experience in all parts of court operation, coupled with his passion for the  important work of the court and proven leadership ability, position him to serve our  community from day one. I encourage my supporters, and our entire community, to  vote for Frank Barger for Probate Judge. There’s no better choice in this race." -  Milburn Gross, Attorney with more than 20 years experience in Probate  Court and former candidate for Probate Judge  

Richard G. Jones

“As  a public employee, as well as holding an elected office in this county,  I have worked with Frank and his office for many years. I can tell you  that Frank possesses a servant’s heart, loves God and family, and will  serve the citizens of Madison County faithfully. To quote a couple that  has taken me in as a son, Sheriff Joe and Momma Jane Patterson, “He’s  the only man for the job.” Emily and I, as well as, the entire Jones  Family supports and endorses Frank Barger in becoming the next Probate  Judge of Madison County.” - Richard G. Jones, Councilman, Town of Owens  Cross Roads

Doug Martinson

"Frank takes leadership and public service to a new level.  He digs in, tackles issues that are difficult and develops sensible solutions.  He is always focused on the end product - whose family and whose life is impacted.  Frank Barger has my full support."  - Doug Martinson, attorney with 20 years experience representing families in guardianship and conservatorship matters in Madison County's Probate Court System

Rex Reynolds

"I have worked with Frank for years in my role as City Administrator, and I have know him to always work close with his team at the Probate office to serve our community well! Let's take him to the next level." - Rex Reynolds, former city administrator, director of public safety, and chief of police for the city of Huntsville

Chanda Mills Crutcher

"I've learned over the years that Probate is all about 'people'. Frank loves our community and has put in the work necessary to demonstrate his  ability to serve with excellence. I have confidence that Frank would be the Leader that our Probate Office needs." -  Chanda Mills Crutcher, Alabama's 1st Certified Professional Guardian with over 15 years  experience with the Alabama Probate Court System

Travis Jackson

"From my first experience with Frank Barger, I knew our community possessed a leader that would make measurable and positive change.  Just one example is his overhaul of our local elections process - implementing the most up-to-date technology all the while protecting the integrity of our paper ballot voting process.  Despite all of the improvements Frank constantly seeks new ways to improve the process in the most efficient manner possible.  He has my vote and support, and he deserves yours, too." - Travis Jackson, attorney representing corporate and government entities in the Madison County Probate Court System since 2008

Amanda Downs Gentle

“As a Title Abstractor for a Huntsville, Alabama law firm, I encounter  Frank Barger daily.  Frank has the skill set necessary to carry out the duties of Probate Judge, and is the only candidate in the November 6, 2018 election who can come in on day one and carry out those duties.  Frank’s experience, coupled with his passion for the work that the Probate court does, makes him the only choice for Probate Judge. I encourage everyone to support Frank in the election, and I will proudly place my vote for Frank Barger on November 6, 2018.” - Amanda Downs Gentle, former candidate for Probate Judge, and a resident of Harvest, Alabama

Mickey J. Gentle

“I  would like to take this opportunity and privilege to endorse Frank  Barger for Madison County Probate Judge. One reason is that I have known  Frank since he began working for the Probate Office. As an attorney  practicing before the Probate Court, I have noticed that he knows the  ins and outs of working in that office. His experience speaks volumes  for him. I have no doubt that he will know what to do in any situation.  Another reason is that Frank is a man of integrity. His word is gold to  me. One could not ask for a better man than Frank. Most importantly,  Frank is my brother in Christ. He is a man who loves the Lord and places  his trust in Him. I am honored to call him my friend and brother and  encourage all to vote for him on November 6, 2018.” - Mickey J. Gentle,  Attorney

Bert Moore

“Frank realizes that people aren't voluntarily present in the probate office  and that when they do appear, they are seeking understanding and swift  resolution of urgent, critical and often highly personal and emotional matters.  Frank has demonstrated compassion and kindness during his tenure in the Madison County office, and has exhibited a sense of urgency responsive to the concerns of those among us needing a prompt resolution of their concerns.  He does not allow unnecessary delay but schedules matters for disposition efficiently and within the parameters provided by the law.  His awareness and temperament will serve well the people of Madison County.”  Bert Moore, noted local attorney, representing clients in probate matters for more than 30 years 

Ellen Marks

"I know without a doubt who needs to be the next Probate Judge of  Madison County - Frank Barger.  I have seen first hand how he has  organized and revamped the election process in Madison County.  As an  election Inspector at First Baptist Church, I have experienced and  benefited from his skill in taking a process, long overdue for  improvement, studying every aspect of it, gathering input, carefully  considering options, then steadfastly moving forward to make those  improvements happen to improve the voting experience for election  workers and the voting public. I know he will apply these same skills as  our new Probate Judge.  A man of integrity, Frank is sincere in his  intentions, has creative problem solving skills, is super hardworking  and truly loves working with people."  Ellen Marks, retired educator and  school administrator 

Randy Perry

"Frank is skilled at seamlessly moving between each function of the probate court.  He consistently helps me, my  staff and clients navigate the complicated court process - from  probating an estate to ensuring a real estate transaction is recorded  correctly.  He is an asset to every citizen that does business with Madison County's Probate Court System.  I am honored to support him."  Randall Perry, attorney with more than 30 years experience in Madison County's Probate Court System 

Janet Strong

“I would follow this guy anywhere.  He has been great to work for in his role as the Elections Administrator. I’m sure he will be a great Probate Judge! So organized. So patient. So honest! So kind!”  Janet Strong, Election Worker and resident of Monrovia

John Merrill

"There is only one person in this race that I would be interested in seeing as your next Probate Judge and that is Frank Barger." - John Merrill, Alabama Secretary of State.

Joe Patterson

 “Jane and I are behind Frank 150% and encourage everyone in Madison County to vote for him on June 5th.  He’s the best man for the job.”  Joe Patterson, Retired Madison County Sheriff 

Barry Oxley

“Frank’s exemplary work ethic, management skills and in-depth professional experience are qualities Madison County homebuilders – and the public at large – need in their probate office.  We look forward to working with him as Probate Judge to further support our dedication to Madison County homes, schools, and workers.”   Barry Oxley, Executive Officer, Huntsville Madison County Builders Association, Inc.

Donny Shaw

 “The  Fraternal Order of Police works with local officials from a variety of  municipal, county and state agencies to include the probate court. And  we depend those agencies and the probate court to be efficient and  well-managed so that we can focus on the most critical law enforcement  challenges before us.  Frank  has a unique and specific knowledge of the job for which he’s applying,  we are confident that he is the best man for the job, and we look  forward to working with him.”  Lieutenant Donny Shaw, President,  Huntsville Fraternal Order of Police 

Sherry Parsons

“Frank is a good man who loves his country, his God, his church, his family, and his friends. I am Madison County born and raised, so I know great folks when our paths cross. Vote for Frank Barger, you will never regret it!” - Sherry Parsons Fowler, retired educator and resident of Gurley 

Jan Liles

“Five years ago I found myself applying for guardianship of my special needs cousin. I am grateful for the probate judge in her county who determined I was the best one to care for her. My precious Shelia won a first place trophy today in a special olympics swim meet. She will sleep tonight in a lovely Jefferson County ARC home, surrounded by her beloved roommate and caregiver, Roxy. All because of a probate judge who said yes to me and Shelia. I trust Frank Barger to care for people like me and Shelia in Madison County. You have my vote, Frank!”  Jan Liles, Madison County resident and business owner

Christine Britton Daly

"Frank is the best man for Probate Judge in Madison County.  We have worked in the elections for some time and you will never find anyone that is more helpful when you need help than this hard working man.  He will be a great judge.  We appreciate you, Frank!"  - Christine Britton Daly, Meridianville resident

Connie Glass

"I have had the pleasure of working with Frank Barger in the Probate Court for many years. From the first time I met Frank, I was impressed with his professionalism and courtesy. As I got to know him, I learned that he is also intelligent, hard working and compassionate, all traits which will serve him well as Probate Judge. I fully support Frank Barger for Probate Judge and encourage each person in Madison County to vote for him. He is an asset to our community.."  - Connie Glass, certified elder law attorney with more than 30 years of practice in the Madison County Probate Court System

Heather Taylor Tewalt

"I work with Frank on an almost daily basis... and there really is nobody more qualified for the job than Frank! I proudly support him!" - Heather Taylor Tewalt, legal assistant in local firm and Northeast Huntsville resident

Deledia Phillips Perry

"Frank is a Godly, honest man - good family man - hard worker - knows his job and does it.  I've never had a better boss in all my years of working.  He's tops and will make a wonderful judge!"  - Deledia Phillips Perry, election worker and New Market resident

Dennis Mitchell

"Wendy and I have had the privilege of working for Frank the past few years as election workers. He has been an excellent election administrator for Madison County and is ready to take it to the next level as Probate Judge. Grant is the best campaign worker a candidate could have!" - Dennis Mitchell, South Huntsville resident

Martha Campbell Pullen

"Frank Barger is a Godly, smart family man who will do a great job as Madison County's next Probate Judge! We can't wait to elect him!" - Martha Campbell Pullen, entrepreneur, business owner and author

Rex Vaughn

“I am pleased to announce our endorsement of Frank Barger for Probate Judge of Madison County.  Farmers in Madison County are looking forward to working with Frank.  We  know that he will work hard for the people of this county and bring his  expertise, leadership, and dedication to this office.” - Rex Vaughn,  President, Madison County Farmers Federation 

Jennifer Borden DeSellem

". . .I can tell you how genuine and upstanding he is. . .and he has only the public's best interest at heart. This is one good man!" - Jennifer Borden DeSellem, childhood friend and classmate

David Wisdom

"Frank is a true servant leader. He is always lending a helping hand to  others at the Men’s Republican Club meetings in Huntsville. While we  want our elected officials to do BIG things, we see the true motivation  in servant leaders when they choose to help in the little things. I know  Mr. Barger will serve Madison County well."  David Wisdom, president of  Young Alabama 

Kim Dillon

 "Frank definitely has my vote!" - Kim Dillon, South Huntsville resident

Emily Young

"As an attorney who practices solely in the Probate Court, I have experienced Frank's knowledge and professionalism firsthand. He is a public servant who truly cares about the people of Madison County. On a personal note, Frank always had a word of encouragement to share with me when I first started my practice. If elected Probate Judge of Madison County, I know I can trust Frank to make wise and impartial decisions." - Emily Young, attorney and owner of Green Mountain Legal Services

Judge Billy Bell

"Several months before he made his final decision to run for Probate Judge of Madison County, I received a call from my friend, Frank Barger, who wanted to come to me about that decision and to pray with him for God to show him the path He wanted Frank to take. After talking with Frank at my house that day, and praying for him and with him, I am thrilled that he has decided to run for that office. Having been on the bench myself for 12 years, I know how demanding and stressful a judicial position can be, and what it takes to do the job the right way. Frank has worked in the Probate Office since 2011, and knows the workings of that office inside and out. I am convinced that Frank Barger will be a great Probate Judge, and that is why I am supporting his candidacy. Frank will be faithful to the law, unbiased, and unswayed by partisan interests or personal preference. I have no doubt that everyone who has business with the Judge of Probate, whoever they may be, will be treated in a professional way, and with fairness, respect, and dignity." - Judge Billy Bell, Retired Madison County Circuit Court Judge, with 12 years on the bench and 30 years of prior law practice

Bruce Schrimsher


"I'm a Huntsville native and have practiced law in this community for over 40 years.  A great majority of my work has been in the Probate Court. Most people don't realize this office plays a role in their life at some point.  Probate Court is a complex system, overseeing the administration of estates, guardianship and conservatorship of at-risk persons and the elderly, adoptions, the recording of deeds, mortgages and corporate filings, mental health commitments, land condemnation, and the management of elections.  I've worked with Frank on an almost daily basis and have witnessed his in-depth knowledge of the law and procedures required to carry out every part of the court's operation.  I know that Madison County could not do better than electing Frank Barger as its Probate Judge." - Bruce Schrimsher,  noted local attorney with more than 40 years experience focused on work in Madison County's Probate Court System

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